RoV: Guidelines for the release of Alice goddess of love.

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Alice's approach to the goddess of love.

Alice's approach to the goddess of love.

For anyone who likes to call himself Alice Jessup port, this is not recommended. Good as the other, of course, the lovely, with many women, I want to play cute with this also can help the team with Buffalo for the team ran wide and absorb damage up to 125 really is. Alice was not enough to help the team with the skill to make it to the first team's next opponent Pendleton period of time. How is it, this is not a criticism but also very brutal yet in spite of being the only support I'm smart. But for the Turks, I do not speak to each other to try to prove yourself that playing will be like. But today I did not come here empty-handed. I have a technical issue of Alice to leave it up to 6 lines as ever.

1. Support
2. Line of Control
3. Buffalo - control
4. turbulent opponents
5. Tank
6. Wireless Roaming