RoV: the issuance of a cute little deer Payna.

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The issuance of a cute little deer Payna.

The issuance of a cute little deer Payna.

For those who prefer referred Payna it was, you must not fail to read them because Payna Line Support for a good one, it's not because Payna can use the skill Healing Light to increase. blood for himself and friends for up to 60 units, support a port, it quite well. Try not to be missed very much and also had spells at Forest Friend eagle can come out and attack opponents up to 6 times my friends. It will play a Payna see that I was wrong to think of new spells Forest Friend, it also helps in Pendleton opposing teams have one, I would be a perfect Nature's Rally Fair will increase the armor itself. and friends set up 200 units, but it really is not all it's magic damage to the opposing team to 250, I do not care to try it again. But if one wants to play, I have a technical issue of Payna all come to me as follows: 6.

1. Survival - attack.
2. Buffalo team
3. Attacks Continue
4. Support for the team.
5. Supports Port - tank.
6. Support - The player standing.